Melixa System is a revolutionary system for hive monitoring provided with electronic high precision scale, a weather station and an innovative sensor that can measure the flight activity of the bees.
Melixa System is the fundamental tool for all beekeepers who want to monitor their hives from a distance or continuously collect detailed information on the activities of bees and weather conditions.
It’s a solution simple to install and employ. It’s enough to apply the main unit at the hive’s entrance and place the balance below the hive.


Using information obtained from Melixa System it is possible to optimize interventions in the apiary performing only necessary trips and reducing non-necessary ones. In this way beekeepers can:
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Be punctual with interventions
  • Always be connected to your apiary
  • Having all your data for comparisons also in subsequent seasons
  • Reduce losses
  • Control production



The monitoring system incorporates the following sensors:
  • Electronic scale with high precision (range 0-120 kg) to monitor production
  • Patented flight sensor: allows you to analyze the number of flights throughout the day
  • Outside temperature sensor: useful for analyzing trends of daily flights
  • Internal temperature sensor: used to control the core during the winter season and check for brood during the spring and autumn
  • Rain sensor: to understand any unusual behavior on flights
  • GPS Module: accurately detect the position of each hive


After turning on the system, data is automatically transmitted to our server. From its user account each beekeeper can track online and in real time the health and productivity of bees.


Data is recorded continuously and automatically transmitted to our server (cloud). All information collected can be viewed by the beekeeper on his personal page at any time and from any PC or tablet / smartphone. It is possible to set warning thresholds on all parameters measured with immediate notification via e-mail in case of anomalies.



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The system is completely independent, internal batteries are charged by solar panels located on the front of the devices. It requires no maintenance. It can be applied in just a few minutes on most hives used in apiculture. Installation does not require any changes to your hive.
The system is provided with pre-activated SIM card multi-operator capable of operating in most of the countries.
In order to monitor each apiary it is recommended to apply a device to the family with intermediate capacity compared to those found in the apiary.


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