Equity Crowfunding for the Environment




Our Project to save Bees and the Environment

People4Melixa is the Equity Crowdfunding campaign to support bees and the environment dedicated to all those who believe in the importance of protecting the world where we live.




Melixa System: Unique and Innovative System to transform a hive into a smart hive

Melixa Srl is a startup with a strong collaboration with a leading Italian research center - Edmund Mach Foundation – that develops solutions for the monitoring of bees’ activities , their health and thus the health of the environment.

Melixa System is an innovative device for the monitoring of bees and their health, allowing the control of the environment in which bees are living and thus able to estimate the environmental pollution.







How Melixa System works

Melixa System is equipped with:

  • PATENTED and INNOVATIVE “FLIGHT-COUNTER”for monitoring the health status of the bees
  • BALANCEto control the honey production
  • INTERNAL TEMPERATURE PROBEto control the vitality of the colony all-year-round
  • RAIN SENSOR and TEMPERATURE PROBEfor weather monitoring
  • GPS and ACCELEROMETERfor the localization of the hives and for alarm purposes
  • SOLAR PANELS to allow autonomous and no-cost operation
  • CLOUD and APP for data storage and real time monitoring


Why bees have to be monitored to protect environment

  • Bees are important bio-indicators of the pollution
  • Traces of contaminants are found in their products
  • A high rate of pollution leads to their death





Why bees have to be protected

  • Bees are the primary elements of our food chain.
  • Their tireless work of pollination contributes to fruit and vegetable production.
  • Without bees as many as 80 varieties of plants could disappear.









Why we are asking to support Melixa

The more Melixa Systems will be installed on hives, the more we will have data to monitor the environment and take action to protect it if necessary.

Through People4Melixa Equity Crowdfunding campaign we are asking you to:

  • Support our startup Melixa Srl with an economic contribution, participating in the share capital
  • Help us to disseminate our project, sharing the hashtag # People4Melixa on social media


 How funding will be used

With your economic support we will:

  • Improve the product to increase the number of beekeepers that install the system on their hives
  • Develop the sales network to improve significantly the employment of Melixa



The achievement of these two objectives will allow us to get more and more data for a capillary monitoring of the territory.

Take action to protect the environment!

Join the campaign #People4Melixa