Main unit

Melixa Master II

This is the new version of the Melixa system developed to be more versatile and modular thanks to the availability of many accessories allowing the integration of various sensors.
Melixa Master II is the main unit: it consists of a metal scale with reinforced structure and cell with a capacity of up to 300 kg, an external temperature sensor and a wet sensor.
Equipped with GSM Modem (2G technology) with free multi-operator international data SIM valid for 10 years, GPS module, internal buffer battery and photovoltaic panel.
To operate, simply connect the solar panel to the appropriate connector and the scale will automatically start recording data every 15 minutes and send them hourly during the day with the panel connected and battery charged.
Simply place it under the hive and it can be left in the field throughout the year, allowing real-time monitoring of weight changes, outside temperature and wet index (yes/no). The unit is equipped with 1 specific connector for the load cell and 2 connectors for the accessories, one of which is for the solar panel.


Lybra Slave

Lybra Slave is an accessory for Melixa Master II: it is a scale with structure and cell identical to that of Melixa Master II and allows two different functions: weight control of a second hive or, through association with the Master to which it is connected, the sum of the weight of the main and secondary scales. Thanks to the 300 kg reinforced cell, used in combination with the main scale, it allows the weight control of the whole bench of beehives (typically 4 or 5 beehives). In this case the measured variation is the sum of all the weight variations of the hives resting on top of the 2 scales: the trend is therefore less subject to the variations of a single family that may not reflect the trend of the apiary, thus offering a more reliable data. Up to 2 secondary scales can be connected to the main scale. Each Lybra Slave is equipped with a connector for connection to the main scale and an incoming connector that allows the connection of another accessory (eg, photovoltaic panel, Number or second Lybra Slave).

Enlarged Lybra

It is an aluminum extension system to be attached to the Lybra Master and Lybra Slave structure that allows the support of 2 beehives on a single scale.

(hive not included)


The flight counter is the most innovative and characterizing element of the Melixa System. The sensor is able to determine the number of flights starting from the measurements of bees’ passages thanks to a patented technology. This function allows to determine / predict the health status of the colony and the optimization of production. Flight activity usually doubles in the days immediately prior to production. In such situations Numera is therefore able to give information in advance of the beginning of weight gain, intercepting the increase in activity by bees foraging at the blooms.
The Melixa counter is also equipped with an internal temperature probe that keeps the presence of broods under control in the hive.
Numera is an accessory for Melixa Master II, to be connected to the main scale via the special connector. It adapts to all types of commercial hives, it is sufficient to place it in front of the exit of the hive, fixing it with some screws or inserting the side fins in the normal metal guides instead of the metal grid, making sure that there are no external lateral spaces through which the bees could pass by falsifying the detection. It does not require any maintenance by the beekeeper and can be left installed all year round. It is possible to connect up to 3 counter to a Master II device.
Melixa Numera does not disturb the normal operations of access / exit of bees from the hive, the diameter of the holes is 8 mm (corresponds to the bee space) allowing the passage without any impediment. Several tests have shown that the application of the counting system has no influence on the thermoregulatory capacity of the hive even in hot climates (southern Italy, Spain).

Meteo station EVO

The Melixa System weather station is an accessory for melixa Master II that allows monitoring of the following parameters:

  • outside temperature, very important for the flight activity of bees;
  • pressure, useful to predict the evolution of weather conditions;
  • air humidity, very important above all at night due to the nectariferous flow during the blooms;
  • wind direction and intensity, which can negatively interfere both with the activity of bees and the release of nectar by the flowers;
  • amount of rain.


This device allows the connection of Melixa accessories, it is equipped with an output connector and 3 input connectors that allow the simultaneous connection of 3 accessories. It is essential to connect more than one accessory to the melixa Master II (eg, counters and weather station).


It is a stand-alone accessory, equipped with its own battery and its own SIM (not supplied). It is also possible to purchase the dedicated solar panel separately. This webcam does not need Wi-Fi networks as it works with 3 / 4G technology (like mobile phones) and it is therefore sufficient to buy a data SIM and place the webcam in a place covered by the signal. With this webcam it is possible at any time to access the live video and record. It is equipped with two-way audio and an audible alarm that can be activated manually by the user during streaming. It has night vision and infrared illumination and it is possible to activate the motion detector, choose the sensitivity, program the time bands and the duration of the video recording made in case of movement detection.
The videos are sent automatically to the cloud in real time. In the event of theft or vandalism in the apiary, the video will be stored in the cloud and will be visible to the owner even if the attacker were to identify and neutralize the video camera. Moreover all the recordings will be available in the cloud eliminating the need to go to the place to extract the memory card and manually download the recordings. It is possible to connect the webcam to the melixa portal, in this way the beekeeper will see the last frame recorded each time he accesses the melixa portal to check his data.

In-hive temperature probe EVO

AVAILABLE FROM SPRING 2020 – Accessory for Master II consisting of a multi-point temperature probe to be positioned inside the hive. It allows to keep constantly monitored the temperature inside the hive, with a greater precision with respect to Numera in-hive probe.

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