Congresso Nazionale Ingegneri: CNI Scintille competition

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cni scintille 1Honour mention for Melixa at the Congresso Nazionale Ingegneri in the framework of the competition “CNI Scintille”. 500 participants from all Italy, divided into multidisciplinary teams, 170 the presented ideas, with the involvement of 18 regions and 72 provinces. From 18 to 71 the age of participants.
"The initiative was introduced by CNI - tells Gianni Massa, Vice President and creator of the Scintille format - in order to put back ideas on stage, with their capacity to enable the development, recognizing and interpreting the role of engineering as a cross disciplinary instrument among different fields. The activities of the local Ordini is central, because they can become a network that unifies, discovers and connects the collective minds of our territories".
The engineer profession is under evolution, being cross-fertilized by other technologies, facing new challenges. The common view of the engineer as the "solution manager for everything" is leaving the place to many technical professionals, specialized in different fields, that collectively enable the possibility to generate a common process, the project or the product, where the sharing of knowledge is fundamental.


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