Berufsimkertage: the 45th edition

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The 2015 edition of Berufsimkertage was held Donaueschingen. The contest is a city close to the very well known Schwarzwald in Baden-Württemberg where you find the source of Donau River. This fair is at the 45th edition and attracts thousands of beeekeepers from all central Europe, in particular from Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, as well as from eastern Europe countries. The event, taking place at the same time of APIMELL in Piacenza – Italy, had a great success and evidenced the increasing participation of companies proposing innovative solution for colonies activity monitoring.


Melixa participated within the stand of  Giordaninox, distributor of Melixa System. This was the first experience of this product proposed outside Italy, that met the interest of different people already used to this kind of solutions for remote monitoring.


Melixa System distinguished itself thanks to the opportunity to combine various information, both connected to environment and bee activity. In particular the bee-counter can enable the monitoring of the hive and colony state, a very appreciated function by beekeepers that chose fair location – also some hundreds miles – for their apiary.